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The Ranch

Nestled in the foothills of north Alabama our ranch is a beautiful, sprawling 300 acres of mixed pasture and woods with gorgeous Sullivan Creek weaving in-and-out of its boundaries. Owned by an elderly rancher before us, it was slowly falling into disrepair and he was hoping to find someone with the passion and work ethic to reclaim its natural beauty and continue to raise cattle. I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.

I bought the property in 2016, and began transforming it into a well-laid-out ranch with an intense focus on small-batch, high quality beef.

The ranch is still a work in progress. I continue to explore new ways to manage soil health, year-round forage, and herd expansion through sustainment practices. With the support of trusted advisors, I’m intently focused on methods to raise healthy animals and produce exceptional beef, with full transparency.


Sullivan Creek Ranch strives to provide exceptional beef through a ranch-to-table experience, with a focus on transparent, natural processes. We are dedicated to enduring relationships and the highest moral, ethical and safety standards, in all aspects of our business.

Our brand, the “Flying A”, represents all that we honor in this great country: service, sacrifice, and the American spirit of rugged individualism.


The Sullivan Creek Ranch cow herd currently consists of a mix of breeds, including: Simmental-Akaushi, Black Baldy (Angus-Hereford cross) and Brangus-Akaushi. My ultimate goal is to breed up to an all full-blood Akaushi herd to wear the “Flying A” brand. My animals are managed on a strict all-natural program. They are kept on grass as long as possible, then fed stored forage (hay) through the winter months. I do not provide an antibiotic feed nor do I use hormones, steroids or implants, of any variety.

Flying A Cows on Sullivan Creek Ranch

Flying A Cows on Sullivan Creek Ranch

3/4-blood Akaushi cow grazing on Sullivan Creek Ranch

3/4-blood Akaushi cow grazing on Sullivan Creek Ranch

I do believe in providing a highly nutritious, natural feed during certain stages of production, specifically during heifer development for breeding, and the finishing stage. Quality beef that is based entirely on an all-grass diet is difficult to achieve in my neck of the woods. In my opinion, the taste and benefits of meat, highly marbled with healthful fats that are developed in a grain-fed finishing stage, are undeniable. (If you’re curious to learn more about grass-fed vs. grain-fed beef, I highly recommend this article in Beef magazine.)

I also believe cattle should be handled humanely, methodically and as quietly as possible. I strive to perform all necessary work on my herd in this manner, and continuously work to improve my methods, and facilities, to that end.

And most of all, I believe that people should see where and how their beef is raised and who is raising it. Come and visit Sullivan Creek Ranch to meet the herd and see for yourself where your beef is coming from.

About Me

I have always had a passion for the outdoors. I grew up wanting a ranch and schemed about it with my younger brother Brian since we were boys.

As a young man, I joined the Navy and became a pilot. Over the course of my 23-year military career, I moved around a lot which gave me an opportunity to experience rural life in very different parts of the country, including New England, the Mid-Atlantic and the South. Family and service were a priority, of course, so my ranching dreams were limited to raising hunting dogs and training horses.

After I retired from the Navy and my two children left home to start successful military careers of their own, I finally had an opportunity to pursue my dream in earnest.

I moved to Alabama and bought Sullivan Creek Ranch in 2016. I selectively purchased part of the commercial herd that was on the property, and as I began strategizing and learning about the cattle industry, I was fortunate to make friends with great people who were willing to share their vast experience with me and feed my desire to become a cattle rancher.

Greg Anderson, owner of Sullivan Creek Ranch

Casey and Jake Anderson
Between the management skills I developed in the military, my academic background in business administration and my enthusiasm for cattle ranching, I get to do what I love every day.

My vision for the ranch is to be more than just another small cattle operation. I want Sullivan Creek Ranch to offer an escape from our ever-accelerating lives dominated by digital experiences and declining product quality. I want it to be a place where people come to see where their food originates, to experience authentic ranch life and become a part of the ranch-to-table community.
-Greg Anderson

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