Sullivan Creek Ranch welcomes members of Harvest Host to come and park in one of our beautiful pastures for the night. It has been a great partnership!

If you would like to book a night here at the ranch go to Harvest Host to join, find us, and reserve through them.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Sullivan Creek Ranch is beautiful with rolling hills and stunning views. Greg & Emily are the BEST!! They greeted us with a package of “goodies” - fresh eggs and homemade blackberry jam. We were introduced to two of their three dogs. Buck came in RV and had a cold drink with us and Yeti loved to play ball which we did. We were awakened this morning listening to the cows. Wide open spaces and plenty of room to park. If we are ever this way again it will be a certain stop for us. This was our first Harvest Host and was amazing. Make sure you check out this Veteran-owned host. Can’t wait to try the beef we bought.
Kevin & Vicki in Buncombe, IL

What Our Customers Are Saying

Really impressed with Greg and his operation. Looking forward to a return visit
John in Evansville, IN

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