Sullivan Creek Ranch
COVID 19 and Local Farms and Ranches
SCR Brisket

COVID 19 - great time to get to know your local farmers and ranchers!

Interesting times, for sure. Maybe it's our veteran background here at Sullivan Creek Ranch - we've seen a few things - but we refuse to be hysterical.

Supporting your local farms and ranches right now is a good way to develop enduring relationships in your ag community. We're here for you.

Though we're running low, we do have some beef left, and as part of our "know your rancher" mantra, you can be assured that relationships with our clients and community are of the utmost importance here - no price gouging, ever! And if we don't have what you want or need, as members of the larger agricultural community, we will try to point you to other trusted farmers/ranchers that might be able to help you out. That's part of the "Flying A Way".

Thanks to for the SCR mention today:

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