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Camping Reviews:

My 9 year old son and I went primitive camping at Sullivan Creek Ranch. Greg and Emily were great hosts and provided us with a map of the property, welcome bag and a ride to our campsite via four-wheeler. Thinking ranch, I expected grassy fields bordered by dense forest. Instead I found a deep ravine with clear running water, rock walls about 50 feet high and complete solitude. We set up our tent on flat sandstone and in our little clearing we could see a lot of stars as there is very little light pollution in the area. We were very happy with the experience and will certainly book again. It was also very comforting to know that I was on private property with responsible caretakers with no need to worry about strangers stumbling across our camp. As an added bonus we got to hike the ranch as well and my son loved getting close to the horses. Great trip! Really cool ranch and good people running the show.


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