Greg Anderson and Lefty


In this great country, cowboys are few and far between. I make no claim to be one but I was born with a cowboy's soul. I honor and believe-in the cowboy culture with every fiber of my being: accepting a challenge, hard work, honesty, integrity in your dealings with people, love of open spaces, and stewardship of land and animals. Why wouldn't that person want to buy a ranch? So, I did.

 Sullivan Creek Ranch is, in many ways, a story of transformation. It was a lifelong dream to take my love of horses, dogs, and cattle, and bring it together in one of the most rewarding lifestyles we could have on this planet. Shortly after retiring from a career as a Navy pilot, I found myself in the position to act and did it. Bought the ranch in 2016, was divorced in 2017, and the transformation of both, the ranch and my life, began. 

Greg's last flight in the Navy

Photo taken after Greg's last flight in the Navy

Greg and his brother holding the Sullivan Creek Ranch sign

Greg and his brother, Brian

Greg and his dog riding on a tractor

The ranch manager , Scooter, with Greg

I don't Possess

Just don't. You can't be a Navy carrier pilot and lean that way. Life just happens, We compartmentalize and react. Nothing was "handed down" to me, except the ability to work. With that in mind, I doubled down on my commitment to the ranch, and raising the highest quality beef I could... but also wanted to create a concept that invited other people to get exposure to the lifestyle of ranching. I set about it...

Emily & Greg


And she became a 'force multiplier', both in life and on the ranch. Emily, a professional artist by trade, brings a perspective that complements the mission of my life, and the ranch.