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our herd of cattle

Our Herd

The Sullivan Creek Ranch herd

The Sullivan Creek Ranch herd is a work in progress… and progress is being made daily!

Originally, to get started, we purchased the best of an existing commercial cow-calf herd – mostly, a Simmental-Angus mix of bulls and cows. As we’ve formulated our strategy for the future, we’re slowly and methodically culling and retaining to achieve our best Akaushi cross candidates for production continuity while we ultimately pursue an all-Akaushi herd to wear the Flying A. Additionally, we purchased 20 well-bred, F1 Black Baldy heifers (Angus-Hereford cross) in September 2016 to breed to our new Heartbrand bull out of the very successful sire, Hikari.

Akaushi cattle (Japanese Red Wagyu) are known for their high-marbling traits and excellent tasting meat. They can significantly increase carcass quality in just one generation and we’re expecting excellent results with our new heifers!

Our animals are managed on a strict, all-natural program. They are kept on grass as long as possible then fed stored forage (hay) through the winter months. We do not provide an anti-biotic feed nor do we use hormones or steroids of any variety.

We do believe in providing a good, non-GMO feed during certain stages of production, specifically: heifer development for breeding and the finishing stage. Quality, all grass-fed and finished beef are difficult to achieve in our neck of the woods and in our opinion the taste and benefits of meat, highly marbled with healthful fats developed in a proven, grain-fed finishing stage, is undeniable. Click here to read more on grass-fed versus grain-fed.

For more information on the Akaushi breed, the superb genetic influence it has when crossed with other breeds and why we chose it as the foundation of the Sullivan Creek Ranch program, visit:

We look forward to introducing you to our herd!.

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