When I met Greg I described myself as an artist, through and through. I see art in everything and I find great joy in observing it and capturing it in the different mediums I use.

I have been a professional mural artist for 23 years. It is all I have done in my adult life. I have painted on just about every surface you can imagine.

Now, I am excited about this new path I am on and the 'creative juices' flowing in me because of it. Having this art studio fulfills a dream of mine and allows me to observe this beautiful place, create the things inspired from it, and be a part of this American cowboy culture that, through my husband, I have grown to love and respect.



I have been creating art professionally for private clients and commercial businesses. This is a sampling of the art I have done over these years.

Boy fishing

Boy Fishing: sold


Mural painted in a pediatric dentist office London, Ky


Mural painted in a pediatric dentist office in London, KY


Mural painted in a pediatric dentist office in London, KY


Sullivan Creek Ranch logo painted on this metal barn

garden club

Part of a 40x10 mural painted on Canvas and

used for a stage backdrop for the National Garden Club of America


Concrete floor painted to look like hardwood in London, KY

The tree house

Themed environment created for Christway Church

in Chattanooga, TN


Free Standing Mural for Photo Op at the

Cook Museum of Natural Science

in Decatur, Alabama


Odd pieces bought from Southern Accents Architectural Antiques in Cullman, Alabama


Clock built from those odd pieces


Sign made for Dare to Dream Academy in Louisville, KY


Mural painted in a preschool, Lexington, KY

lazy cat

Lazy Cat: Acrylic on canvas, sold

lineman boots

Personal Commissioned piece created in memory of a husband, father, and grandfather who worked as a Lineman.

Acrylic on Canvas: sold


Whiskey barrel tray with a custom wood burned design for a wedding gift. "The couple loves to go skiing out west" was the design inspiration.


Mural painted in Louisville, KY




First of Fall

First of Fall : Calf #H034 was the first calve born in our fall calving season of 2020. Seeing the first babies to hit the ground is always exciting for me, and just like with my own kids, the first one always got the most pictures taken!

Original: 11x14, Acrylic on gesso board, sold

This piece is also available in giclee prints:

11x14 print $40 (plus shipping)

12x18 print $60 (plus shipping)

**Prints usually ship within 2-3 weeks.

Cat nap

Cat Naps

I painted Cat Naps in 2019 with the intentions of keeping it. But ended up giving it to my daughter after she would not leave me alone about it. I have always liked it though.

It stimulates a peaceful, content feeling in me whenever I find myself staring at it.

I just like it and I like when art provokes an emotional response in me.

20x30 Giclee Print: $145.00

18x24 Giclee Print: $135.00

16x24 Giclee Print: $100.00

12x18 Giclee Prints: $65.00

In the Pasture

'In the Pasture'

I woke up one morning and the fog had settled in the creek bed around the ranch and I was inspired to capture this image of the Akaushi cattle contentedly grazing in their pasture. This is a quick impressionistic painting I did from it.

This painting is available in a gallery canvas print as well as giclee artist prints.

Available Prints:

20x30 $145.00

20x24 $135.00

12x18 $65.00

11x14 $30.00

Canvas Prints

*24x30 $345.00

(smaller sizes available, message for more information)




Do you have a picture in mind that would complete your space? Do you want to give a perfect and uniquely personal gift? A custom commissioned piece of art is always the right way to go!

Most people get intimidated at the idea of having something custom by an artist. But it is easy and affordable!

All you need to provide are a few details!

  • The size you are wanting
  • A high quality photo of the image
  • What type of art you are interested in (painting, 2D or 3D piece, a piece of furniture refinished, or maybe something you have seen on Pinterest)

With this information we are ready to create!

Contact me, and after a few questions I can have a quote and sketch ready for your approval.

At the time of order I accept a 50% deposit on all custom orders. When I have the piece complete, I will send you a photo and I can make minor adjustments to the piece with no extra charge upon request (A major change would require a extra charge).

Once the piece is approved it is ready for pick-up or shipping (up to certain sizes). At that time the balance is due.

If you have questions or are just curious and what to know more about the process use the contact form below or come out to studio here on the ranch, I will be happy to communicate with you!

Let's Talk About Your New Custom Art Piece!

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What screws us up the most in life is the picture in our head of how it's supposed to be.

-Author Unknown

What screws us up the most in life is the picture in our head of how it's supposed to be.