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The Flying 'A' Brand

represents our core values:

Service, Sacrifice and the American Spirit of Rugged Individualism.

Service: To God, country and community. Sacrifice: A critical component of service in support of our belief system. Rugged Individualism:  One of the greatest American traits.

Our Mission: to produce premium beef and rustic experiences in a transparent, welcoming ranch format that builds authentic, enduring relationships.

Greg Anderson
Greg and Emily Anderson
Emily Anderson

Meet Greg and Emily Anderson

Greg Anderson is passionate about raising cattle! During his career as a Navy pilot, he developed an intense focus on attention to detail that he applies in his approach to ranching. Whether it's being a good steward of the land or ethical livestock production, he is committed to quality outcomes. Raising premium Akaushi beef is the goal and he strives daily to achieve it! His passion for traditional ranching practices includes persistently using horses and strongly embracing cowboy culture and work ethic, inviting visitors to experience that firsthand. Character and honesty in business dealings are paramount.  He doesn't consider himself a good cowboy but as he heard once, "he'll do, until one shows up!"


Emily Anderson is a multi-talented 'utility player' at Sullivan Creek Ranch; there isn't anything she can't do! As a professional artist, she sees and captures the beauty of the process while never shying from the grit and challenges of working with cattle. Emily is also the owner of Cattle and Canvas art studio and displays her beautiful artwork that embodies the spirit of the ranch. Her representation of ranch life is authentic and she hopes it will inspire people to engage more in rustic experiences to fully develop an understanding and appreciation for agriculture. 

Events and Hospitality Manager

Kristin Willimack

We are very happy to have Kristin as part of our team! She moved to Alabama from Cedar Rapids, Iowa in April of 2023, enticed by a longer growing season for her flower farm business, Fields of Flowers. Kristin has a degree in Applied Science - Horticulture and experience in event planning. She is formerly a Master Gardener Coordinator for over 100 Master Gardeners and currently keeps up her cut flower business by selling to local florists and creating bouquets to sell.


Kristin has a deep love for animals, nature, and people making her a perfect fit for our team! 

You can contact Krisitn for information about any of our ranch events by email:


Ranch Life Gallery

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