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How to Purchase Beef

Large Portions or Beef Boxes

**Large portions are SOLD OUT for 2024. Taking reservations for Spring 2025**

Large Portions Explained

It's Easy: 


Akaushi is a specialty beef and it is meticulously raised here to provide a premium product. We use most of what we produce for exclusive events on the ranch but offer a very few steers a year for purchase by those who appreciate this exquisite beef and the care we put into raising it.  


SO… you’re thinking about buying a large portion of Akaushi beef and feel intimidated? Don’t! We can help. We can take a complex answer and distill it down to what you need to know:

  • How much beef do I get for my freezer?

  • How big of a freezer do I need?



1. The complexity of it all…

What makes it complex? Well, each animal is different, like us; they have different frames, different capacity to carry muscle, etc.. Other factors: How well did the animal finish? What was the dressing percentage (We shoot for 60-63% of the hanging weight). After all that, then the actual cutting process can create questions: how do you want it cut? How thick are the steaks? Roasts, or no roasts? Want lots of ground beef, or other product? The list goes on and on.


2. Made SIMPLE!

We will get down to what matters, based on averages, so we can give an accurate APPROXIMATION of what to expect – after the complex stuff happens – then, we work with you to get exactly what you want.

The A, B, Cs of buying Akaushi beef from us:


A. Decide what size portion best fits your needs (we can help!).

 1. Quarter:

  • Yields approximately 125-145 lbs of freezer beef.

  • Requires at least 4 cu ft of freezer space

 2. Half:

  • Yields approximately 250-270 lbs of freezer beef.

  • Requires at least 8 cu ft of freezer space

 3. Whole:

  • Yields approximately 500-520 lbs of freezer beef.

  • Requires at least 16 cu ft of freezer space.


B. Cost:

  1. $6.90/lb multiplied by the ‘Hot Carcass’ hanging weight (approx 750-800 lbs).

  • This includes all basic processing fees to get your beef vacuum sealed and frozen, ready for the freezer. * Special processing orders (packaging, hamburger patties, and sausage) is extra.

  • We use Southern Integrity Meats, West Point, Alabama, for all our USDA inspected processing.

  • Approximate cost for “ballpark math” (again, each animal is slightly different). 

    • Whole: $5520   Half: $2760  Quarter: $1380

  • Once the animal is harvested, you are invoiced for the whole amount. It will not be available for pick-up until the invoice is settled.


C. Hit the button below, fill out the information, and you’ll be invoiced for a deposit.

  1. Whole: $400    Half: $300   Quarter: $200

  2. We accept Visa, MC, AMEX, ACH checks, and of course, cash


Still have questions? Just give us a call!

Greg: 256-595-4090 or

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