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How We Raise Our Cattle

Like cattle should be raised...

Our cattle are managed on a strict all-natural program in a pristine environment. They are kept on grass as long as possible, then fed stored forage (hay) through the winter months. We do not provide antibiotic feed nor do we use hormones, steroids, accelerants or implants of any variety!

Know Your Rancher!

We feed a highly nutritious, natural feed during certain stages of production, specifically during heifer development for breeding and the finishing stage. Quality beef that is based entirely on an all-grass diet is difficult to achieve in our neck of the woods. Honestly, Akaushi are genetically predisposed to finish better on grain. The taste and benefits of meat, highly marbled with healthful fats that are developed in a grain-fed finishing stage, are undeniable. (If you’re curious to learn more about grass-fed vs. grain-fed beef, I highly recommend this article in Beef magazine.)

We also believe cattle should be handled humanely, methodically and as quietly as possible. We strive to perform all necessary work on our herd in this manner, and continuously work to improve our stockmanship methods and facilities to that end.


And most of all, we believe that people should see where and how their beef is raised and who is raising it. We are fully transparent - come and visit Sullivan Creek Ranch to meet the herd and see for yourself where your beef is coming from.

You should Know Your Rancher!

We are very proud to have been recognized by the American Akaushi Association as an award winning producer!

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