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Akaushi Cattle

The Akaushi breed is originally from Japan. It was developed by the Japanese government in the prefecture of Kumamoto, a state in southern Japan. Kumamoto has a lot of diversity in climate and altitude, from sea level all the way up to 9,000 or 10,000 feet. There is a mountain, Mount Aso, that is where the Akaushi breed was developed.


It is an extremely high-quality breed in terms of carcass merit. Akaushi beef is more tender and has more marbling than British, continental as well as American breeds because the genetics of the Akaushi breed allow them and their offspring to deposit a higher amount of intra-muscular fat. 


Marbling, which is intra-muscular fat, is something that makes Akaushi beef different from other beef. Akaushi has a higher instance of fat within the muscle and that is what gives it all of its taste, a lot of its palatability and richness. Not only does Akaushi beef have more marbling, it also has a better ratio of fatty acid profiles

Akaushi beef contains a higher concentration of mono-unsaturated fat relative to saturated fat, which the American Heart Association states can lead to lower cholesterol, prevent coronary heart disease and help with weight loss. The marbling in Akaushi beef also contains a much higher percentage of mono-unsaturated fat than any other beef in the United States, resulting in a rich, buttery flavor as well as tenderness throughout. At Sullivan Creek Ranch, Akaushi beef is all natural and has no added hormones, steroids or antibiotics.


Sullivan Creek Ranch Ground Beef

Raw - 80% lean, 20% fat

Regular Ground Beef

Raw - 80% lean, 20% fat




Total Fat

20.0 g

20.0 g

Saturated Fatty Acids

8.98 g

9.68 g

Poly-Unsaturated Fatty Acids

0.46 g

0.65 g

Mono-Unsaturated Fatty Acids

11.28 g

7.56 g

MUFA : SFA (ratio)



Oleic Acid

9.56 g

6.92 g


103 mg

90 mg


16.27 g

17.13 g

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

89 mg

82 mg

Omega 3

39 mg

34 mg

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