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Ranch Tours, Demonstrations and Picnics

Hiking the Ranch

We provide both guided and self-guided tours to some of our most cherished locations just beyond our pastures. For the self-guided tours, participants receive a map and some pointers from our ranch staff before embarking on their own exploration of our stunning ranch and its offerings. The guided tours can take up to two hours, and be prepared to wade through water! You'll encounter waterfalls, petite caves, magnificent rock formations along creek banks, and wildlife, including the occasional sighting of Bald Eagles on our property. 4 hours maximum for unguided tour and 2 hours for guided. Blocks are 8AM to 12PM and 1PM to 5PM. Last time to begin is 1:00 PM. 

Guided Tour: $50

Unguided : $20


Call the ranch to schedule your hiking tour. 256-869-3667 
No refunds, only rescheduling. 


Basic Guided Ranch Tour $25 per person. Children under 5 are free. Minimum of 2 paying customers.  Start out at the former Sullivan Creek Ranch Trading Post and learn a little about the history of the ranch and how it operates, as well as the history and origin of Akaushi cattle in the United States. Next, you will take a quick ride around the ranch and see all the major components of raising and producing high quality beef and discuss the process to get it to your table.  Tour lasts approximately 1 hour. Contact the ranch for scheduling.

Want to add some extras? All of our Ranch Tours can add on Horsemanship Demonstration --- Cowboy Demonstration

 Ranch Tour

Cattle Operations Tour

 Same as the Basic tour but add in the opportunity to see how we use horses to conduct day-to-day operations on the ranch. Witness a quick gather and see how the horse and cowboy are still very relevant tools in ethical stockmanship.  Tour lasts approximately 2 hours.  

$40 per person. Children under 5 are free. We prefer a minimum of 4 paying customers; less than 4 is $50/person. Contact the ranch to schedule.


Want to add some extras? All of our Ranch Tours can add on Horsemanship Demonstration, Cowboy Demonstration, or hiking. 

Ranch Hand Experience

 Here’s your chance to throw on old clothes, get your hands dirty and ‘make a ranch hand’! This tour depends on what’s going on but will allow the participant to help doctor animals; catch, tag and possibly even castrate calves; or sort cattle. We are working ALL the time and will post our calendar on our website when these opportunities are available. Come prepared to get ‘stuff’ on you! This tour is a great way to introduce the participant what kind of work is really involved in getting their food to the table. 

$100 per person. Children 12 and older only. 1 person minimum, 4 maximum.

Contact the ranch to schedule.


Learn the art of how the cowboy develops his horse and builds a close relationship that is

required to work together as team and get a tough job completed. Lasts approximately1hour. Contact the ranch to schedule.

$20 per person (if added to one of our other tours)

$40 per person (Horsemanship Demo Only) 

Horsemanship Demonstration
Cowboy Demonstration

Visit the Freedom Arena and watch as cowboys demonstrate the use of horses to catch and simulate doctoring an animal out on the ranch. Get a chance to ask questions and understand more about the art of horseback stockmanship that is still alive and well all over the United States. Lasts approximately 1.5 hours. Contact the ranch to schedule.

$35 per person (added to another tour)

$45 per person (Cowboy Demonstration Only) Minimum of 3 people. Children under 3 are free.

Cow Camp Picnic

A Cow Camp is a place cowboys reside out near the herd so they can keep a close eye on everything. This is where they eat, sleep and drink... cow! This meal is a Dutch oven treat served somewhere out on the ranch near the herd - just like you were working! You will have a hot Dutch oven meal featuring our Akaushi beef, buttermilk biscuits, dessert, and drinks (non-alcoholic). You will have 2 hours at your private site.  Cow Camp Picnic set ups change and are unique to each booking. Picnics start at $500. Contact the ranch to schedule.

*Due to the Alabama summer heat and humidity, picnics are only available March through mid-May and October through mid-December.

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